Drug Development, Clinical Trials and GCP

Drug development

Consulting for development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices:  
Development plan, trail portfolio and project management for  
proof of concept, market authorisation and line extension

Clinical Trials: Clinical development (Phase I to III) and Phase IV

Post Marketing, Surveillance Programs (PMS) and Registries

eClinical trials (EDC)

Trial management: Coordinating and managing external service providers

Medical Writing of protocols, reports, expert reports and publications

Good Clinical Practice

Review, consult and establish processes and Standard Operating  
Procedures (SOP) to ensure GCP adherence in trial management
and related activities in the market

GCP training and tutorials for individuals or teams in medical
departments and investigational sites to achieve professional
and efficient trial management

Medical Marketing

Medical Marketing / Release of promotional Material
Consulting, review, editing and release of:

Promotional material

Brochures, Internet and e-portals


Sales aids and sales activities
Business Development Strategies,
Profiling and Positioning

Strategic Product Profiling
Reviewing, Consulting and creating:

Product portfolios

Product profiling and positioning

Line extensions and lifecycle strategies

Product Launch and marketing plans
Measures for implementation

Concept, planning, realisation

Accompaniment, project and resource management

Training and Coaching


Medical marketing, product and sales training:
Therapeutic areas, disease management
Product profile, positioning and branding
Competitive environment

Moderation of team organisation and processes

Individual and Team Coaching

Coaching for individuals and teams in medical, marketing and sales
departments to ensure process implementation efficient  
project management and achievements of milestones